Productivity Tips!

Picture this scenario - you’ve finally moved out of the house and into a coworking space (like SJC) to escape all those distractions lying around. All is well, until you realize that you’re still wasting time!

We understand, the tempation to browse the internet is everpresent. But one of the most dangerous threats to your workday is the humble mobile phone. has noted that many of us ‘zombie check’ our phones - data suggests many people in the UK do it every 12 minutes! Effectively, we get bored, get a blank look on our face, and we hit up the phone to distract us from the agony of boredom.

To stop the zombiefication and procrastination, here’s a few tips they give:

  1. Use Screentime or another application to track your phone usage - this will allow you to reduce the time you spend on certain apps or the number of times you pick up your phone

  2. Identify your triggers - when do you pick it up? After lunch? After you send one email? When you’re sitting or standing?

  3. Make a plan - Use the information found in both of the previous steps to create a plan for avoiding your triggers or replacing your phone use with another task, like reading a book or cleaning your desk. A plan is critical to keep you on track - even making a plan helps to keep you aware of what you’re doing!

  4. Reflect - If it worked, keep going! If it didn’t tweak it. If you' can’t keep your hands off your phone and your work is suffering, it might be time to downgrade to an old nokia - then all you’d have to play is Snake.

We hope this helps. Remember, a plan can means that you don’t have to rely solely on willpower - which is sometimes very, very hard.