Why you should jump in. The benefits of coworking.

An article from Punchng.com has listed what they think are the six benefits of working in a co-working environment. Below, we'll be looking at understanding the way that these benefits impact you and your business.

  1. Structure - Gives you a reason to get out of bed and keeps you away from the distractions at home. Makes sense, it can be a lot more challenging to get up when you've got nowhere to be! Also, when you've got all the tools you need to be entertained, then its a lot easier to procrastinate on that work you were meant to do.

  2. Becoming more effective - Most homes wont give you that office vibe. The article states that a co working environment made entrepreneurs 64% more productive! Its the energy, the focus, the atmosphere and community - things you're not likely to find in your bedroom.

  3. Avoiding loneliness - Loneliness and isolation can have a negative effect on your psychological health. Even the most introverted person needs some social interaction now and then, even if they work independently. A co-working space provides for people who want a quick chat, or a full blown debate. Either way, social interaction can do things for your mental health, such as give you a boost of energy or leave you feeling more positive.

  4. Networking - Working alone at home, or wherever you work that isn't a co-working space, might not provide you many networking opportunities. Coworking puts you in a space where you can meet a wide variety of other business people - which can help in myriad ways, such as generate out of the box ideas and solutions, or help you meet people that can help your business to grow.

  5. Flexibility - Personal Office space can be a ball and chain - and a drain on the finances. With a co-working space, you can rent desk for as long as you like - no utilities to worry about, or more importantly, no need to plan out how you're going to get your next coffee.

  6. Emotional support. Entrepreneurship is hard, but in a co working space - you can be sure others are going through the same thing, and work through it together. In a co working space, you can not only use each other for ideas, networking, but to share experiences and learn from each other - whilst aiding each other in maintaining the confidence needed to succeed!

The article goes on in detail about the disadvantages of working at home - but here at SJC - we're about the positives, looking forward - not dwelling on the negatives. If you're looking for a space, there's no better place than StumpJump Co-Lab - we're the best of both worlds.

A home away from home, but actually an office.

Jump in.


Reference Link: https://punchng.com/benefits-of-coworking-spaces/