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StumpJump Network

Silicon Beach is one of the largest and fastest growing startup communities in Australia. Their mission is to empower startups through education, industry access and uphold a communal support from like-minded people.


Johnathan Maltby is a Personal Branding and Career Consultant. Using his unique style of coaching and breakthrough strategies, he can empower you to take control of your career by helping you identify exactly who and what you are professionally as well as uncover your unique strengths and skills.

Simpateco was founded by Dan and Linda O'Grady who share years of collective experience in dealing with that most mysterious of creatures - the human being. Dan's careers in hospitality, retail, sales and marketing and Linda's background in acting, corporate training, sales and marketing has given them a passion to help others overcome communication barriers.
Thunder Insurance is a unique and dynamic provider of insurance brokering expertise to all aspects of the gaming industry. Whether you're a software publisher, eSports team, IT Consulting firm or a cyber lounge proprietor, they're here to help your business insure your interests.
The goal of Cooper IP is to help you identify and secure your intellectual property, providing high quality support and service that exceeds expectations. They aim to be an industry leader for intellectual property services and a trusted consultant for commercial businesses in Greater Melbourne and Tasmania.
Connect Her is the brainchild of Lee Cummins and evolution of many years of business networking with a dream becoming a reality. Meetings bring together 3 key elements of inspiration, education and connection. LC Connect uses a combination of innovative resources to assist businesses to be more and create lifetime referrals.

ecosystem partners




If you’ve got a bright idea, an exciting start-up, a disruptive technology or anything else that’s promising; look no further. Below are two organizations involved in our shared office & community that are searching for businesses with that special something.


StumpJump Ventures

The investment arm of StumpJump, this organization is an accelerator that invests in promising young businesses, helping them grow in order to achieve sustainable success and properly establish themselves in their particular industry.



A Malaysian venture capital company which invests in outstanding new start-ups at various stages of development and helps them to grow into sustainable industry competitors. This funding is available for StumpJump Co-Lab members that meet the organisation's eligibility criteria.