Winning over potential clients - It's the space, and a whole lot more.

Here at SJC we’ve got plenty of space for those who want to meet potential clients in a place that isn’t their home or a cafe. The space is a beautiful (& balanced!) blend of professionalism and comfort, designed to give you the optimal platform for winning people over.

We’ve also scoured the internet for some advice, and found an article that we think provides some great, easy to understand tips that’ll help you win clients over when you first meet them. Here’s the link:

  1. Prepare for the meeting.

    Make sure everyone knows where they’re going, what they’re doing and that they’re wearing clothes. Also, prepare your material.

  2. First impressions count.

    Think about: Good posture, smiling, confidence and probably a good idea to let them sit down first.

  3. Small talk.

    Try it out. If they respond positively and seem like they want to do a bit of talking, go for it - if not, they’d probably appreciate getting down to business. Either way, you’ll suit them - and start off the relationship on a good note.

  4. Balance.

    Try not to be overconfident, desperate or overexcited. Stay level-headed and balanced, thinking positively but not expecting to just come away with a win.

  5. Let them talk.

    Allow the client to voice their concerns, questions, thoughts and everything else, as listening is a sign to them that you’ll be able to tailor your service to their needs, that you care, and that you’ll put them first.

  6. Discuss their needs and ask questions.

    Get more specific about what they need, and what you can do to meet that. Take small notes, as this further reinforces that you are actively trying to craft a solution that best suits them, or at the very least you’ll remember the important information.

  7. Sell your self

    Evidence is key. Potential clients want to know they’ve got the best fit for their business not just in terms of cost, but in terms of ability. Prove your worth through talking about previous work or showing what you can do. Practicing this part is a bonus so that you don’t get lost in the details, and only show the key points that signal you’re a cut above the rest.

  8. Offer FREE advice

    This can build trust and help create the base for a relationship, as well as show the client that you’re generous and are likely to give a lot to their business. It shows that you’re not their to receive money for a service, but a are a more expansive package that gives free value.

  9. Anticipate questions

    Questions are usually a good sign someone is at least interested in your services. Try to predict what they’ll ask so that you’re able to give them answers effectively.

  10. Wrap it up nicely.

    Be polite, friendly, funny - whatever best shows you. Tidy up after yourself, don’t use your phone until they’re gone, all that good stuff. Exchange cards or extra information if you need to. Follow-up in a week with an email or phone call to show your interest and to maintain theirs. If it works, great, if it doesn’t at least you’re working on your client-grabbing abilities and they probably just chose to outsource to India because it was far cheaper - that’s nothing to do with you.

We think those general tips are pretty solid - for any business type events, not just meeting clients. Following a few of those will help paint you in a positive light, leave people with a good impression and might help you get into a few good habits!

Also, if you need a space to practice in - try us, StumpJump Co-Lab!