SJC Morning Tea - Breakfast Collabs!

StumpJump Co-Lab has just held its second morning tea event, the first being held last week. We’ve got superb feedback so far, and they’ve been both interesting and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Leading the events is Taylor Tran, author of Innovation Coworking: A Guide to an Australian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and E-commerce revolution. Taylor’s experience and knowledge covers a wide range of topics, including blockchain, startups and of course, coworking.

The events themselves have been a chance for everyone to meet new people, check out our great (their words) space, gain knowledge that benefits their business and learn in novel ways - such as with LEGO! That was the method employed by our second speaker was Grant Leibbrandt, an innovation expert who coached the group into thinking about their businesses in different ways, through letting their hands do the thinking for them.

We’ve got more sessions coming, so if you’re interested in coming, or just want some fresh fruit, coffee or crossiants and scones, be sure to keep checking our Facebook for event links - space is limited!