2019 is here! Here's 10 tips for building a more customer-focused organisation this year.

Customers are everything, at least in terms of revenue - read on to learn how you might be better able to attract and keep them.

  1. Create a distinctive CX (customer experience) strategy.

    Work out a way to leave every customer feeling happy and willing to purchase from you again with a business wide strategy.

  2. Develop a clear customer promise & brand.

    A promise sets a standard that they expect and you can maintain - driving loyalty if the standard is set correctly. A brand helps get the customers into your business in the first place and also enhances loyalty.

  3. Engage ‘the people’

    Involve employee inputs in your descision making and planning - its they who will make the difference with customers and also have first-hand experience that can be critical to building strategies.

  4. Focus on your most profitable customers

    They sustain and grow revenue & your business.

  5. Ensure access is easy and seamless across channels.

    Don’t neglect certain communication channels, such as phone or email - customers have their own preferences for how they want to purchase items - you just have to be ready to sell them the product any way possible.

  6. Build relationships with customers through data

    What have they bought previously? What might they like to buy in the future? The data tells you what you need to know to make educated guesses about what customers might also want to buy.

  7. Move from products/services to experiences

    Take out the mechanical nature of many transactions and make the customer feel like they’re gaining something more than just an item or a service - they’re getting a wonderful experience.

  8. Balance high tech and high touch

    Technology is everywhere - robots answer calls. Just make sure you balance that out with real people, no one likes talking only to AI.

  9. Increase speed and urgency

    Customers aren’t often the most patient people - so speedy responses and fast service are vital. If you’re doing performing a service with a 3 day turnaround - is there any way to make it 2? or 1? Or perhaps it takes 4 hours to respond to an email about a product - is there a way to bring this to 1 hour? Perhaps with technology/automation? Timing is critical in making a sale and keeping customers.

  10. Measure what matters to customer experience

    What do your customers seem to actually want. Perhaps none of the above tips are a problem, perhaps they have another issue that isn’t covered above - find out, and take steps to fix it. Because if one customer has an issue, you can be sure others have had the same issue or close to it.

There’s 10 tips to give you that push towards success in the New Year. We hope they help, and make sure to check out the rest of our website if you’re looking for a coworking/community space where you can implement tips like these!