What to look for & how to do it: Coworking.

Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. (Ignore them, we're here)

LifeHacker.com has a few boxes that your coworking space needs to tick - and don't worry, StumpJump Co-Lab ticks all of them. 

We've got:

  1. Speedy Internet: Wifi and ethernet! ✅
  2. 24/7 building access: If you've got a dedicated desk pass, you'll get a security access tag! ✅
  3. Snacks: Biscuits, coffee and fruit. ✅
  4. Location: Public transport is easy, food is even easier with cafes and restaurants all around, or you can just use Uber eats! ✅
  5. Privacy: Meeting room, chill areas and the boardroom mean you can have a quiet or private meeting. ✅
  6. Community and events: Yes and yes! ✅
  7. Fees: Just for the use of our spaces or extra bits such as photography equipment. Nothing hidden! ✅
  8. Where you work: Semi-private desks, an open desk, couches and chairs aplenty. ✅
  9. A kitchen: Not just a fully equipped kitchen, we've got a bar and kitchenette as well! ✅
  10. Try before you buy! ✅✅✅

And if you're wondering how best you can maximise your time at SJC, here's a few tips from Lifehacker:

  • Buy a backpack: Keep your belongings together, safe and easily accessible!
  • Consider beefing up your Wi-Fi: If your laptop or ipad can't handle our Wi-Fi's speedy capabilities, it might be worth buying an external Wi-Fi adapter!
  • Use VPN: SJC features a secure network, but Lifehacker is correct - it never hurts to make extra sure no one knows what you're doing on your travels through the world wide web!
  • Lock down your laptop: We've got plenty of security, but you should ensure you have a password on your computer, so that there is no chance someone else uses it. The camera's will know if someone does, but by then it'd be too late!
  • Play in the cloud: If you can't afford a hard drive or just don't want to lug one around - Store stuff online so you can get to your files in whichever room of the StumpJump Co-Lab you find yourself!
  • Set up the right apps before you need them: Well, that one just makes sense.

Just like checking out StumpJump Co-Lab.

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