Coworking is booming. Whats the newest trend?

Brick and mortar retailers! Surprise!

Forbes Contributor Andria Cheng writes that

'Coworking space in malls, street fronts and other retail properties will grow at an annual rate of 25% through 2023 to reach about 3.4 million square feet, commercial real estate research and services firm JLL JLL +1.27% wrote in a study published Thursday.  By comparison, 'The average annual growth rate in occupied retail square footage between 2010 and 2017 was just 0.9%, JLL said.' '

What does this mean? Well, coworking is helping to revitalize beloved brick and mortar stores, physical, real stores that you can visit. But there's a twist, now you can go to a space to work, and buy a burger just a short walk from your desk! The future is now.

Andria sums up what the JLL study revealed:

'The study found that the retail and coworking relationship is mutually beneficial. Coworking space hosts are increasingly including retail space as a perk for members.'
'Brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead. It’s just becoming a place where you can not only shop but also work and do a lot of other things, all at the same time.'

At StumpJump we don't have a burger stand (yet) but you can bet your creative brain we'll have a graphic designer with the perfect logo for your new brand, or a videographer with a eyes sharper than a hawk when they're looking for that divine camera angle for your next viral ad campaign. And really, that's worth a lot more than food.

Unless you're really hungry.


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