Coworking Myths and Misconceptions: 5 things that only apply to a select few

We found a list of more negative attributes commonly associated with coworking spaces - we’d like to show you them, and show you why they don’t apply to us.

“Coworking spaces are too disruptive and noisy”

1. Our members are all here to work, be productive and to grow. People realize that, and so this belief is untrue - there is a mutual understanding and respect amongst members that keeps the social nature of the spaces in within reasonable boundaries. What makes it even better is the availability of our chill out areas, meeting room, warehouse and boardroom where people can go to either get some extra quietness or talk in private.

“These spaces are only suited to freelancers, start-up’s and technology organizations”

2. Whilst we do have a focus on the creative industry, we are open to a balanced mix of businesses within and without it. The space, amenities, coffee, internet, atmosphere and climate benefit all types, unless its some sort of organisation that doesn’t get involved with those - in that case what are they and why do they exist.

“Coworking can be unstable and inconsistent”

3. While of course some people might be in and out, a good coworking space like ours endeavours to foster community and longer term growth partnerships between members - meaning people aren’t going to want to leave until they have no other choice.

“It’s easy to outgrow a coworking space as a business expands"

4. Our coworking space is very flexible, so we can chop and change the allocation of space and reorganize as our members expand. Plus, if they do outgrow it - that means they’ve done well, and that doesn’t sound like much of a problem.

“I am going to look unprofessional to contacts if i work out of a coworking space.”

5. With a professional boardroom and office design, we’re a lot more professional looking than many existing old school offices. Also, your contacts will know you’re focused more on your services and products rather than spending on and worrying about a self-run location/building.

Anyway, those are some of the main myths we’ve heard and wanted to help an article clarify in terms of our specific space. Coworking may have a few issues, but they’re definietly not as large as those listed above - and we do our best to make sure StumpJump Co-Lab is a place people can work hard, grow, network and build business & social relationships and enjoy successfully moving towards and achieving their goals.